Is there a federated alternative to facebook events yet?

If there isn't there should be

@GreenandBlack hubzilla has answered nearly every single "is there a federated alternative to" question ive ever seen but nobody ever goes for it so im just gonna tell u this once but hubzillas got options

@mirzaba The problem with Hubzilla is that it's just one big identity crisis basically. It wants to be everything, resulting in very unfocused development. Jack of all traits, master of none.


@drequivalent @GreenandBlack
criticism aside, it has some basic things that every fedi software should have but doesn't. you can encrypt your posts out of the box, control who sees what types of posts you make, have sub-accounts, actual account exports, and also lets you opt into the features you want. So in reality, in context to other fedi platforms, it's a master of at least seveal things, where masto and pleroma entirely fail at by choice.

@drequivalent @GreenandBlack
like, i think its great as a safety based platform, and a static blogging / subscription blogging platform if need be

@GreenandBlack not truly federated but lots of people like as it deleted all event data including email addresses 2 weeks after the event is finished

@GreenandBlack @uint8_t There was a successful fundraiser for one, and they're aiming to have a beta in October.

@GreenandBlack I know a lot of people who only use Facebook for event planning and it Sucks

@GreenandBlack works, but without federation. Selfhosting should be possible.

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