@frickhaditcoming photo on the left is of the conservatory in the barbican performing arts centre in London.

Photo on the right is a building in Barcelona

@GreenandBlack Who would have thought that all Brutalism needed was some greenery. These look beautiful!


Oh gosh, it works.


@GreenandBlack ppl often act all scared when they see images like this

or at least nihilistic but

idk to me it seems like a nicer place to live we should have plants everywherepls

@Mooncake cities shouldn't be built solely for humans, they should be built to fit all life that inhabits it

@GreenandBlack @Sylvhem Yeeeeeeessssss. I love this aesthetic. Ground cover spilling over the top of a concrete wall is 😙👌.

@MmeLibertine @benhamill @GreenandBlack That's my favorite kind of building too ^^. But I wonder how much it is convenient to maintain.

@Sylvhem @MmeLibertine @GreenandBlack Yeah. Plants tear things down over time. Especially concrete, which is sorta like very weak rock, so plants have a lot of practice breaking things like it. Ideally, you put a lattice work or cladding between the plants and concrete to preserve the structure.

@benhamill And you also have to take into consideration the quantity of water it will consume.

@MmeLibertine @GreenandBlack

@Sylvhem @benhamill @GreenandBlack I feel like I didn't think about this enough, cos my first thought was "so many places for spiders to hide."

@starwall @GreenandBlack In the long run everything has to be recyclable and so in the deep future technology and biology converge.

@GreenandBlack this is how brutalism is supposed to work. The building is a blank canvas.

@GreenandBlack The building where I work is heavily brutalist-inspired. A terrasse was restored recently, with concrete tables, wooden benches, and a lot of bamboo pots, it is a surprisingly working aesthetic.

@GreenandBlack There's a brutalist office building-turned-hotel near my workplace that tried to jazz things up by adding color and banners during the conversion, but this is so much better!

Such an oximoronic statement and yet they go so good

@GreenandBlack i love this so much but i believe they must utilise native plants rather than just very pretty ones (not that natives cannot be very pretty, just that humans have a knack for preferring non-native plants) for it to truly benefit everyone

that said, the tropical plants are absolutely gorgeous

@GreenandBlack This is exactly what Sao Paulo gets right about brutalism, and exactly what London (mostly) gets wrong about it.

@GreenandBlack this but with native species for the environment the building is in and I am 9001% on board.

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