@frickhaditcoming photo on the left is of the conservatory in the barbican performing arts centre in London.

Photo on the right is a building in Barcelona

@GreenandBlack Who would have thought that all Brutalism needed was some greenery. These look beautiful!


Oh gosh, it works.


@GreenandBlack ppl often act all scared when they see images like this

or at least nihilistic but

idk to me it seems like a nicer place to live we should have plants everywherepls

@Mooncake cities shouldn't be built solely for humans, they should be built to fit all life that inhabits it

@GreenandBlack @Sylvhem Yeeeeeeessssss. I love this aesthetic. Ground cover spilling over the top of a concrete wall is 😙👌.

@GreenandBlack There's a brutalist office building-turned-hotel near my workplace that tried to jazz things up by adding color and banners during the conversion, but this is so much better!

@GreenandBlack i love this so much but i believe they must utilise native plants rather than just very pretty ones (not that natives cannot be very pretty, just that humans have a knack for preferring non-native plants) for it to truly benefit everyone

that said, the tropical plants are absolutely gorgeous

@GreenandBlack This is exactly what Sao Paulo gets right about brutalism, and exactly what London (mostly) gets wrong about it.

@GreenandBlack this but with native species for the environment the building is in and I am 9001% on board.

@GreenandBlack The parking deck for portland's airport is kinda like that and it's sweet.

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