:iww: london wildcat strike 

"Deliveroo decided to ban motorcycles from the Editions Kitchen we picketed a few weeks ago. They claim this is because of environmental policy negotiations with the council, but we know they banned them because we were unionising the place. Couriers elsewhere in the UK have seen themselves banned from using Editions kitchens for the same reason. Perversely the excuse of environmental friendliness didn't stop non-motorized couriers from getting banned elsewhere Why? Deliveroo is scared. Uber & Deliveroo exist as the vanguard of finance-capital. They are not intended to be amazing profit spinners until they establish monopolies over the modern municipal transit/courier economy. They run at losses to destroy existing institutions.
They exist to help form cartels over all sectors of transport within the modern city. Independent business gets sucked into the behemoth in a massive exercise of monopolisation, with the chief victims being immiserated workers."

If you're in London and want to help out with the picket, the IWW are meeting at the Swiss Cottage tube station at 7pm tonight.

Abajo Deliveroo! Viva los trabajadores!

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