there's no point at which Jews don't refer to ourselves as a nation/people (עם, אומה), but the Hebrew word for religion (דת) seems to have first appeared in the comparatively later-written Book of Esther, and is a Persian loanword (distantly related to Latin and English "data").

there is, of course, earlier mention of the Jewish people worshipping "other gods" which obviously refers to other religions, but this only goes to show that Jewish peoplehood/nationhood is not dependant upon religion.

attempts to separate the Jewish nation from the Jewish religion seem to have begun during the transition from feudalism to liberalism. with feudal obligations no longer holding together states, there was a need to get the people to swear allegiance to a "nation" that the state was charged with representing

as such it was said by french revolutionary figures, for example, that there could not be nations within nations...

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