@GreenandBlack Wait are the extinction rebellion people bootlickers? I haven't kept up with their stuff but I see the logo everywhere

@fortunos Their whole aim is to get people arrested and put through the legal system. Over 1,000 people arrested in London are being prosecuted.

Extinction Rebellion is doing nothing to help these people and are working with the police to get even more folk arrested.

They've been handing out incorrect legal advice, even suggesting that solitary confinement is a "nice chance to meditate".

I can find sources

@GreenandBlack I found that post on their Twitter and they're presenting it as a Good Thing and a reason to join them and oh jeez oh yikes that's a lot to unpack

@GreenandBlack Holy actual shit thank you for putting this out there I wouldn't have known and maybe even supported them otherwise


@bikesexual There's a big long list of threads on birdsite, featuring many articles about their attitudes towards police: mobile.twitter.com/TheSolClark


@GreenandBlack ah I see. Well I'm not exactly surprised.

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