Tired: Escaping from the trappings of civilization to live a mythologized hunter-gatherer lifestyle in a lonely wilderness

Wired: Dropping out of the worst aspects of capitalist civilization by joining a self-sustaining intentional community on cultivated farmland.

Inspired: Rejecting the separation of "civilization" from "wilderness" as an inherently colonialist distinction and actively working to dissolve the border between the two.

🤔 Civilization is inherently colonialist

:blobhyperthink: The idea of "Civilization" is inherently colonialist

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I can't argue with anti-civ as a lifestyle choice

Anti-civ as an ideology can fuck the fuck off though

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Me: *criticizes bookchin*

Primmies: *criticizes bookchin*


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URBAN 👏GREEN 👏 COMMUNE. Trust me Em, it's gonna be the shit

@GreenandBlack why do I feel the last one will involve building more suburbs? Treehouses 👍 suburbs 👎

@lafnlab Because you've been taught to recognize the synthesis of wild with civilization as suburbia, whereas the suburbs actually represent the border we're trying to erase in the first place.

Suburbs bad. Cultivating nature within cities good.

@lafnlab For more context. Suburbs represent the idea that nature is something to be controlled by humans. That we can keep trees within the borders of parks, carefully control vast mono-cultures of grass so they can look appealing and treat the wild animals we've displaced as pests or vermin.

Suburbs are the myth of the frontier at its utmost colonialist.

@GreenandBlack I agree, but I can also envisage property developers hijacking terms like 'wilderness' and 'nature' for use in marketing. I know I've seen countless subdivisions with names like "The Pines at Riverview", "The Elms at Parkland" and so on.

Marketing will perpetuate any myth if there's money to be had.

@lafnlab @GreenandBlack

quite often named after the things that were destroyed in the process of building new houses.

i took this photo sometime in 2005 while i was biking through morning fog. it's such terrible irony.

@GreenandBlack @lafnlab i don't know about elsehwere, but sometime between the 1930s and the 50s, some of this city's parks were mostly deforested because of "drug dealing". there used to be a lagoon surrounded by elder trees in Major's Hill Park, across from the National Art Gallery. now it's just a lawn on a weird bluff.

@GreenandBlack @lafnlab i've lived in the richest suburb of indiana for most of my life and briefly worked at a landscaping job

let me tell ya, the dull, over-cultivated greenery of suburbia is nothing RESEMBLING "wilderness"

@polymur @lafnlab or "civilization" for that matter :P

truly the worst of both worlds

Hired: destroying civilization without reifying the depiction of wilderness created by civilization itself, nor treating indiginous people with a colonialist eye

@a_breakin_glass @GreenandBlack

I was all set to go anti-civ but then I learned you can't build a dialysis machine out of coconuts. Sherwood Schwartz made that up.

@GreenandBlack from the idea of the Greeks onwards, the concepts of 'civilisation' and 'barbarians' have always been colonialist as FUCK

@GreenandBlack the white mans burden and all that shit was used to justify so much god damn colonalism, this idea that 'civilisation' exists and it these set of western white principles that really amount to the hegemony of western capital. hot take but maybe white colonisers have been bad?

@GreenandBlack yeah but that's why I don't talk to anprims lmao. not all perspectives are ones I want to use up my mental energy engaging with

Sure, but only in the same way that the concept of race is colonialist. If we define civilization as the alienation of "humanity" from its environment, then you can see why deconstructing this is worthwhile, while at the same time understanding that ignoring its existence isn't actually helpful.

Oh now this is some shit, this is the esoteric post-left uncut shit I CRAVE

@GreenandBlack hired: our new urso-canadian assistant lead software engineer, mr. raaaawrgh (sorry if i'm not getting the pharyngeal rhotic correct)


Very interested in all the ways the separation of "civilization" from "wilderness" falls apart in the places where "civilization" claims to be in full control: the hearts of cities.
Where displaced plants continue to grow through cracks, in trash cans, in the soil under the skyscraper, in the water, in endless tiny creatures on every surface. Total control is always an illusion. Survival of the oppressed is everywhere.

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