“In Scotland, we spit the word out – ‘property’. You can’t own the land, the land owns you. What I found in England is there’s such a lack of physical space, and it’s usually upper-class-controlled. England has never recovered from the Norman conquest. That deeply embedded class system is so divisive.”

Amazing story of how the hebridean island of Eigg fought back against their feudal lords and won, the island has belonged to its community for over 20 years now. Decisions are made by consensus and the cost of living is half of that of the average "affordable housing" in the highlands.

@GreenandBlack the same happened on Eriskay, Benbecula and South Uist, which are part of the Outer Hebrides. The land was previously owned by a private syndicate and was bought back by the community-owned Stòras Uibhist organisation in 2006.

Two is already a pattern, right? 😉

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