Calling all radical gamedevs!

Some anarchists have started up a Discord server to discuss the development of a Stardew Valley-esque RPG set in an anarchist commune:

@GreenandBlack I don't know shit about anarchism, but I could do something about devving and designing, can I still help?

@GreenandBlack I'm not a game dev, but i have interest in being one, and have some programming experience. Do you think someone like me would be of any use to this project?

@GreenandBlack ok but the real question is... will you be able to date more than one person 👀 in stardew if you try to ask everybody, they all get mad at you ;~;

I mean for a little more money than stardew valley would cost you, it'd be easy to buy a farm and do that IRL 👀

@GreenandBlack is it cool if I join just to lurk? I'm no gamedev but I'd love to play this when it's ready

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