Think I might live toot 'The Young Karl Marx' movie, it looks just generic enough to be funny

Ok so it started with Marx reading an article from his Young Hegelian days, it cuts to him arrogantly saying "I know what's best" and dismissing their ideas as vague (which they are)

Then Marx interrupts Proudhon during a lecture and goes over all the usual tropes beat for beat.


Meanwhile Engels is being an incel creeping on the workers his father fired.

Marx meets Engels and they almost immediately start sucking each other's work off. There's a chase scene out of fucking nowhere as cops chase the two through Paris (I'm so confused)

Oh wow, the editing in this film is really bad, its shots don't match, the audio is sliced together in beat with the video cuts so it's really obvious when they're stitching two different takes together.

Oooh Karl Marx is having nightmare/flashbacks now

And boring philosophers are talking boring philosophy in period mise-en-scene

This movie is... Odd...

Oh fuck... This film really subscribes to the great man theory of history, this isn't good...

They're just calling eachother great men, then politely insulting eachother and giving speeches to workers.

Every other scene shows these people literally talking down to workers, even when not giving grand speeches.

This movie is really dark... Not in terms of the tone, but in terms of TURN THE FUCKING LIGHTS ON OR COLOUR GRADE THIS MOVIE PROPERLY FUCK

"We live in a society!"


It just had a scene where Marx, Engels and Engels' wife all calmly and politely told off a posh person for exploiting children.

This is hilarious.

Aaaaand Marx is going off on a "Poor people are stupid" take again, someone punch him please

It's the 1840s and they're already trying to split the left. Why are tankies like this?😹

So I'm at the 2nd act lowpoint, Engels and Marx have been kicked out of some socialist group, looks like their plan isn't going to work... Whatever it is.

I'm 2/3rds of the way through the movie, and I can't confidently say what its plot is...

HAHAHA there's a fucking montage of them writing bullshit! This is the least exciting montage I have ever fucking seen!

They're writing a critique of Proudhon's new book for... Why? What reason exactly? I have no idea what their motivation is in the context of this movie...

Oh look! Engels is talking down to the working class again!

AHAHAHAHHA! They just had a guy get up on stage to interrupt Engels and preach Nonviolence, out of fuckin nowhere, who is this guy?

Omg... This is one of the hokiest acted speeches I've ever seen

They just pulled down the banners and launched a coup, forming the Communist league. Anarchists v Marxists line drawn down the middle. Still don't know why these characters are doing anything they're doing. Things just seem to happen in succession.

The editing is really really fucking weird, I don't know what's going on anymore

Now Marx and Engels are arguing for no reason, why? Why is any of this happening?

Oh no... They're going to end it with them publishing the manifesto, fuck

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@GreenandBlack we live in a society - karl marx and friedrich engels, the communist manifesto


They're jealous of how all Anarchists get free overcoats.

@GreenandBlack Marx/Engels
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Weren't they hated by many other leftists of their day specifically *because* they talked down to workers? I have no actual education on this because #Murika, but I feel like I heard that on an anarchism page on Facebook

@GreenandBlack yeah they really misrepresented this, Marx is the bottom

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