"No masters, no gods" in Arabic by Syrian Calligrapher Mouneer Al Shaarani

@GreenandBlack is this a standard kind of calligraphy that I've never heard of or invented by this artist? Either way it's amazing

Can somebody confirm that?
Its been a while since the last time I tried to read arabic

@fuyuhikodate Copied from another post I made in this thread:

"No Masters, No Gods" in arabic is (la sadatan , la aliha)

لا سادة ، لا آلهة.

This calligraphy is styled so the 'la' (لا) wraps around the 'sadatan/aliha', if you look closely you'll see each of the arabic letters reflected carefully in the artwork

Also locked the man up, Thanks forSharing this Pic / Info. It is awesome. I think this Text gonna be my next Tattoo, Always searched vor Something that represent and (dis)hornor my past :3

@GreenandBlack @fuyuhikodate I'm sorry to bother but what's written is actually "La asyad wa la aliha" ("لا أسياد ولا آلهة") which is the same sentence with a different plural of "سيّد" (master) and a و ("wa") that means "and".

This kind of calligraphy is extremely hard to read, even for native speakers of Arabic!

Have a nice day! :D


No i wasnt denying that I am just struggling to see the actual letters.

I guess I havent seen enough arabic lettering to recognize it.

It is gorgeous though!

@GreenandBlack I really like how the “no” parts surround the part they are associated with. This is very cool.

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