@socalledunitedstates @Wewereseeds

You two inspired to set up a proof-of-concept loomio-mastodon bot last night. It currently announces when a new discussion/decision is being had on the loomio, it should be easy to extend this to other things like announcing closing results etc.

Hopefully this can help make democratic decisions more open and accessible to the community.

We'll need to run it on infrastructure to get it working for our own news bot, currently it's just running on Noe's laptop :P

@GreenandBlack @socalledunitedstates @Wewereseeds wouldn't it make more sense for it to be one rather then

@GreenandBlack @Wewereseeds YO THIS IS RAD

If I may add one more feature request to the pile though, a "vote closing soon" message would also be good, to ensure everyone gets a chance to vote

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