I added a self-care page to the wiki:
Please help contribute in any way you can.

From a sad person that needs help, to all the other sad persons that need help, this is for us, this is for you.

@GreenandBlack This is amazing, comrade! Thank you so much for your contribution ✊💕

@socalledunitedstates I'd like to add more, but one of the Activites of Daily Living is sleep, so... I'd better do that...

@GreenandBlack is exercising before sleep bad? I think for me it works quite well. Honest question, not an advice or anything.

Those that exercise generally sleep better than those who don't. Late afternoon/early evening is the best time to exercise, due to body temperature. (A quick warm up in the morning is also a good idea) You should leave some time between when you exercise and when you sleep to allow your body time to cool down.

This is just what physicians recommend, of course it's different at the individual level. If you have no sleep problems relative to exercise, there's no real reason you should change. :)

@GreenandBlack ah, okay, right before sleep is no good, thanks for clarification!

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