@GreenandBlack Can you elaborate on why Venezuela isn’t a good counter-argument?

@Finfell @GreenandBlack Pot calling the kettle black. What's a good counter-argument for Zimbabwe's economic collapse?

@mechaShoggoth @GreenandBlack

I don't understand. I was hopeful of hearing about Venezuela's failures of socialism. That is to say, how it wasn't good socialism.

@Finfell @GreenandBlack That's just it, they're both failed systems. Capitalism or socialism, either one will miserably fail when corruption and thieves are everywhere.


I really don't know much about Zimbabwe, so I don't even know what form of governance it was attempting before its recent hyperinflation.

@Finfell @mechaShoggoth

I think they're saying that many capitalist nations have also undergone economic collapse.

Meanwhile, though, Venezuela's economy was 70% private sector... not much of a worker's co-op, is it?

If you want specific mistakes, I would say look at how over-reliant their entire economy was on selling oil.

@Gyro @mechaShoggoth

Yeah, I got the general anti-corruption message. I posted this status, inspired by the conversation:

Undiversified economies are definitely a hazard. Brazil's economic complexity went down in the leadup to its present economic difficulties. Check this out for a potential insight into the future:

@GreenandBlack What is there to elaborate? Communist and socialist states lead to failure every single time. Venezuela is yet another tick on the list. It was hailed as the true success by so many, then fell flat on its face.

You're talking to an anarchist, someone who rejects the concept of the state entirely. People bringing up Venezuela in conversation with me as a way to attempt to 'gotcha' my opinions is fruitless because I think both Capitalist and Socialist states are inherently unsustainable, because they're built on top of a massive power inbalance. I'd also argue that Venezuela isn't even Socialist, as workers don't own the means of production and 70% of the economy is in the private sector. I'd call it 'State Capitalist'. (Also I'd say 'Communist States' are an oxymoron, as Communism is a stateless, classless, moneyless society)

Ironically, those that say "Whatabout Venezuela?" are actively perpetuating a Soviet propaganda tactic, so like, it's completely unhelpful to any meaningful conversation.

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