I loved Batman growing up.. And to some extent, I still do. However, over time I've slowly began siding with his villains.

It's hard not to see Batman as a biiiiit fashy when reading these comics, especially the post-Moore/Miller stuff.

The Dark Knight Rises was literally a movie about billionaires punching Occupy Wall Street. Bane opens the prisons, reveals the lies pushed by Gotham's elite and says "WE GIVE GOTHAM BACK TO YOU... the people" and we're NOT supposed to side with him?

Poison Ivy is an Ecologist who just wants to protect the biosphere from her corporate overlords.

Joker is an Egoist trying to show the world that its entire system is a spook.

Mr. Freeze just wants his fucking wife back...

But the good guy is the wealth hoarder who attacks poor people in the street, because their situation has pushed them into "crime"

@GreenandBlack I've watched the Gotham serie and tbh The Pinguin is pretty cool compared to other character


@marsxyz I stopped watching during season 1, did it get better?

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