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The Short Instructional Manifesto for Relationship Anarchy :ra:

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twelve ways to improve your job :iww: (1/4) 

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10 Principles of Healing from Trauma 

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Try to have fun today, beautiful people.

Fun is the ultimate expression of liberty. Authoritarians hate people having fun.

not all non-binary folks are so great...some are my enebies

aw fuck, I might need to watch that trailer again it's so bad


two birbs live inside you
one is gay, the other is goth
They will NOT stop honking

semi-serious hyperbole 

cis 'allies' / deadnaming /misgendering 

its important to remember we are all deep in the guts of an evil planet-killing exploitation machine and have never known freedom.

like if anarchists can enact reactionary violence against even each other because they've never known freedom, i think maybe they, and everybody, should have the humility to recognize that we're all grasping in the dark for something and we don't quite know what it feels like.

every single person on this site who lives in portland brushes their teeth in the shower

uspol, musings on due process 

hey bro what if we just didnt use money anymore

sure thing bro sounds good

epic win

anarchism with british characteristics

karl marx failed to predict the results of the first time i made sexy to the police

Votes 4 Children 

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