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twelve ways to improve your job :iww: (1/4) 

1. Workers run the world. Everything would stop without our labour. Withdrawing our labour is our weapon, and the right to run things is our demand.

2. At the same time, most work is a bore. As it is organised in our society, most work kills the spirit and body of the worker, not to mention the mind. But to simply call for a four hour day at eight hours pay is not enough. Who will benefit from the automation that could realise such a demand? Who should control technology’s introduction and integration into the economy? Potentially, we can.

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10 Principles of Healing from Trauma 

1. Your trauma was your experience, it happened to you, it didn't happen to someone else.

2. Other people are there to listen.

3. You are a sane human being who has lived through insane circumstances.

4. Your thoughts about what happened do not have to form a singular linear narrative.

5. Your feelings do not have to be consistent about it.

6. You can't turn back time.

7. Your creativity is an ally in this.

8. If you need someone else's opinion and feel like you might benefit from it, ask for it.

9. You lead the way and do what you feel is right.

10. Although you may have had a particularly difficult experience, you can learn so much from it.

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Try to have fun today, beautiful people.

Fun is the ultimate expression of liberty. Authoritarians hate people having fun.

Tom Cruise's The Mummy is the single greatest case study on capitalism's contempt for the arts

In a new turn of events no one could have predicted, JK Rowling is now tweeting about bitcoin

It's not everyday that the birth of a local grassroot worker organisation is announced (although we need no less than that!).

We need to strengthen our contact network. A call for international solidarity :ancomheart:


Naix/Nace la "Coordinadora Valenciana de Treballadores de la Ciència (CVTC)".
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Covid, bitter 

Ngl getting really jealous of people who have gardens. Garden having fuckers.

reactionary propaganda 

Oh look, it's the 4 steps that led me to Anarchism! Sometimes right-wing propaganda actually gets it spot on.

**Spanish hotel owner turns resort over to refugees during coronavirus crisis**

"In a complex of holiday bungalows to the east of Madrid, Venezuelan refugees and homeless people have replaced the tourists, business meetings and wedding parties that usually fill the p…"

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@CornishRepublicanArmy Kahn’s a big fan of the police too. But watching him give the fash apoplexy but just existing is a thing that never gets old.

the second Brexit happens Khan ran to the fuckin finance and bankers and then was like "GUYS IT'S OK LONDON IS OPEN, DON'T WORRY" and nothing to the massive immigrant community we have here. what about all the Polish migrant workers Khan? is it still gonna be open for them?

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politics, "leftist unity" 

Every time I bring up a tankie point to my family and coworkers, I see so much hurt in their eyes and how they think I'm a privileged Americanized kid glamorizing what my parents sacrificed to get me out of. I've asked enough questions to know that I cannot trust any non-Cuban to have a perspective that is remotely based in reality.

If y'all are serious about wanting non- American perspectives, keep in mind who you're alienating when you glamorize and defend and "look on the bright side" of Cuba, Venezuela, China, and other redwashed states. Think of how fucked up it would be to tell victims of capitalism in America to "consider all the (white) people it lifted out of poverty in the 50s." Now extend that same compassion to other people, who largely don't speak English, and the diaspora.

P.S. fuck the white supremacist settler US and Europe and Canada and Australia and the rest structure. This is in no way defending these countries. But you should know that.

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politics, "leftist unity" 

I think I'm just going to hang in anarchist- only spaces because I'm so over it. I'm sick of real life people I know being interchangeable pawns for first worlders to wield as weapons to beat other first worlders with. First world poverty is terrible, but it is not the same as third world poverty and y'all need to respect that.

God I've just been dealing with all the intergenerational trauma that's resulted from my family having to make the biggest decision of their lives and the government was so fucking incompetent. I'll never know what it would have been like to grow up in my birthplace. My cohort that stayed is shorter and less well nourished than the one that came before. I have family I'll never be able to reach. This is real shit.

R/socialism mods on the other hand encourage "alternate perspectives" on Cuba and other state capitalist countries, explicitly because they don't want to scare MLs and MLMs off 🤷‍♀️

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politics, "leftist unity" 

I need to stop going to places where there are tankies because it's just digital self harm. When the lives of my family in Cuba are considered acceptable sacrifices because it's "better than nothing" and "it's not like anarchists accomplish anything" (wtffff), there's nothing left to do or talk about. I've been trying to figure them out but there's no point.

The worst part is the way they infiltrate any leftist space that doesn't explicitly kick them out. Like have a handful in and watch them convince everyone Cuba has good medical care. I've been through the Cuban medical system, it's free but it's otherwise an absolute disaster. It is negligent for them to be sending these doctors out when Cubans would be so vulnerable to COVID and they were still allowing tourists in a few weeks ago. But none of that matters. All that matters is saying "fuck you" to America (which SUCKS but???). We're nothing but a symbol to people around the world to fight over I guess.

respecting peoples sexual boundaries is hot. it's my biggest kink by far

a film friend just brought up dialectics in a conversation about Star Wars and I've never been so simultaneously sarcastic and sincere in a discussion before

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death mention, flippant 

really don't buy this whole "speak no ill of the dead" thing. who gives a shit? certainly not them that's for sure. speak more ill of them than anyone if you want to tbh

been reading about the scots leid on the scots wikipedia and it literally just hit us that (sco) by- is the same root as (en) bi-/di-

both parts of (sco) "byleid" are cognate with both parts of (en) "dialect"

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