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Try to have fun today, beautiful people.

Fun is the ultimate expression of liberty. Authoritarians hate people having fun.

The desire for unbounded growth of users is based in capitalism's need for unsustainable growth. I think we should reject this.

If you like the flags I commissioned, please use them. If you want to download them as the banner to another website, feel free. If you want to edit the source material, you do not have to consult me about this. Consider these designs public domain as far as I'm concerned. I blatantly based these flag designs on other flags made by comrades, and I was never under the illusion of ownership.

Mastodon Is Crumbling-- Not Enough People Are Telling Girls How Cute They Are

Every thinkpiece underselling or misrepresenting the fediverse as unapproachable, unattractive, or simply dying is actually helping us maintain our bubble. Our popularity is growing, and before this bubble pops, we do need to develop way more mechanisms for design flow and accessibility. But until then, let them complain, we don't need the attention.

i actually follow one hubzilla user
i only followed them because i was mad that i don't follow any hubzilla users and went out of my way to find one
it took like 20 minutes but i am indeed following a hubzilla user

they're a bot

@lain this post is ridiculous. why would anybody ever talk about hubzilla

I'm predicting the singularity will happen within twelve years. When that time comes, all our polycules will be one polycule

People's Harm Reduction Alliance, a group of s in the who promote strategies of drug safety through a need-based needle distribution program, as well as HCV advocacy


Reminder that pundits have been saying that Mastodon is failing since at least 2017, and we keep proving them wrong every time the platform grows, and new federation platforms emerge

This Sunday, Jan. 20th, join us and a host of other anarchist organizations for the Yiddish #Anarchism Conference after party. We'll be connecting the movement's past to present struggles with timeless drinks, tunes and celebration. Stop by our table.

why the fuck have you buried him then, jesus, he's gonna fuckin suffocate, you daft cunts. get him out.

one woman single handed attempts to turn the fedivrse into her classroom on marxism... that woman is me, I'm talking about me, and the fact I won't shut up and not force you all to learn things

Mkay, David Attenborough documentaries are now required viewing for all Solarpunks, courtesy of LibMun HQ

@cocoron Hey could we mute the instance:, it's an instance where hate speech is allowed. (Don't wanna ask to block, because I have yet to have a negative interaction, but have found some shitty people by instance searching)

Also, is there a list of all the instances we have blocked/muted somewhere?

¡Ayudame! ¡Mi novia está atacándome con su cara bonita!

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