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Try to have fun today, beautiful people.

Fun is the ultimate expression of liberty. Authoritarians hate people having fun.

genuinely thought rich people went to jail, whole world is shattered

disappointed iran contra pardon man doesn't want to pursue criminal charges against trump

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Police: *are class traitors*

Also Police: "Why won't unions touch us?"

I just wanna say y'all have actually been CWing your disturbing/shitpost/misinfo/sarcasm more lately and I wish to give everyone who desires it a headpat of approval.
I see you.

Gonna record an acoustic cover album of revolutionary songs and name it "I Love Farming" to own the libbys

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Has anyone here seen Warren Beatty's Reds? I saw it the other week and am having really mixed feelings about it.

I have far stronger feelings for Emma Goldman than anyone should reasonably have for someone that died 55 years before they were born

I refuse to believe that Gramsci and Bordiga didn't have a thing. if you've ever looked at how Bordiga talks about Gramsci it's this total love-hate thing, and they have such a sweet history together. Bordiga x Gramsci is a hill I will die on

I'm unreasonably proud of all the work that this instance has poured into the wiki

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