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Try to have fun today, beautiful people.

Fun is the ultimate expression of liberty. Authoritarians hate people having fun.

5 bridges shut down today. What comes next? “Wednesday Thursday and Friday this week we will be blocking roads around London using Swarm techniques. We will cause massive economic disruption. We need more people. Trainings coming up every day”

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No more hand-wringing,
Guilt's a waste of time.
No more posturing—
You look just fine!
You've liked, voted and petitions signed:
Now is the time to your body on the line,
Or support those who do, however you can.
This will only work if we all take a stand.

#extinctionRebellion #xr

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@sinvega @GreenandBlack
Too late to move them unfortunately! Once us poor schmucks know about this stuff it's already done.
You can bet Rees-Mogg's had his assets offshore since well before the referendum...

@GreenandBlack Better to forget about the concept of assets tbh

So there's this thing called Estonian e-residency which would allow British citizens to open bank accounts in Estonia, for €100.

Within a day this has become a decision people may have to make, as the cost of opening a bank account in Europe becomes far less than the cost of leaving your assets in sterling.

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The £ is utterly amazing. I can feel myself getting poorer by the second...

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What a yummy bright and shiny day we've woken up to

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