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workers of all countries unite :blackcat: 

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The Short Instructional Manifesto for Relationship Anarchy :ra:

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twelve ways to improve your job :iww: (1/4) 

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10 Principles of Healing from Trauma 

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Try to have fun today, beautiful people.

Fun is the ultimate expression of liberty. Authoritarians hate people having fun.

Ukpol, brexit party, lol 

@moss dรฉtournement was this idea by the Situationists, a marxist avant-garde movement in mid 20th century Europe. It's basically hijacking capitalist imagery to make an anti-capitalist point. Think Banksy's piece where the homeless man is shining Ronald McDonald's shoe. The problem being, you're just gonna sell more burgers that way.

Watchmen is another case of the failure of dรฉtournement as an anti-capitalist praxis

was trying to explain all the different branches of green anarchism and I'm sure looked like I was drawing lines on a wall looking for Pepe Silvia


Sniper's voice actor is channeling fuckin Crocodile Dundee or some shit, I've never set foot in the southern hemisphere and even I know that accent is off just from the way he says "mate"

Demoman's actor is so clearly channeling Mel Gibson's William Wallace and it's painful... It's an impression of an actor that can barely pull off the accent themselves, of course it came out so fuckin strangely stiff

Team Fortress 3: Exactly the same as Team Fortress 2 except the voice actors are actually from the places the characters are from


it's after the 15th of the month, and you know what that means? I'm broke again! yaaaay!

i've got some food for now, but i'll need more groceries in a day or two, i've got a phone bill to pay, and i'm all out of weed, which i smoke every day to deal with PTSD-related anxiety.

i live on fixed income, and it's only enough to get through half a month.

please help if you can, any amount helps. ALWAYS BOOST.

katie hopkins 

katie hopkins, caps 

@GreenandBlack I wrote a research paper discussing food forest systems managed by the Kayapo, in Sri Lanka and in the Indian state of Kerala years okay, if I can dig it up would you be interested in checking it out?

Measuring yield is complicated when ever you have a polyculture of any kind so answering your question is difficult. Also many food forests in most existing agro-ecological systems provide what you might call supplemental crops, fruits, medicinal plants, spices and useful non-food material (e.i. basket making material, fuel) while the bulk of caloric demands are mostly met otherwise, often through grain monoculture. The permaculture dream of a multistory, entirely perennial agro-ecosystem which satisfies all food demands is not something which (so far as I am aware) really exists in most of the world.

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