In a situation doing national work for prisoner organizing horizontally a system of buses and nodes is powerful and at the end of the year we see progress from the Prison Abolition Machine (PAM) that's been built. There's a big country thats actually 10 or 11 regions (24 mega_slums according to Hard Crackers) in the US. The cities in our PAM are a series of nodes and buses that utilize transparency to power the system from human capital. Example is a mini conference where members inside a nodes and buses in the Great Lakes, Mountain States or South East US are able to plan a day to meet and discuss the status of projects and prepare an agenda for a national conference. All this is on google docs, minutes are taken so all information is availble for other cities in network to parricipate. Social media can't do everything. And then theres letter writing, the industrial feedstock of prison abolition. The bulk of the mail requires hand written letters and to corrispond with prisoners

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