Yesterday we disrupted and shut down the Tortoise Media ThinkIn event on climate change in Appleton Tower along with the Staff-Student Solidarity Network Edinburgh, People & Planet Edinburgh and West Papua Solidarity Edinburgh.

We organised a noise protest that prevented the event from going ahead.
Tortoise Media are sponsored by BP, one of the most exploitative and polluting fossil fuel companies. The event was also crossing a picket line.

Tortoise Media hide their complicity in helping an oil industry giant co-opt environmental activism under the guise of fostering ā€œcivil disagreementā€. However, ending the fossil fuel industry is incompatible with taking money from BP. Our disagreement is not civil; their greenwashing of such an urgent issue is inexcusable.


There is no debate to be held about the ethnic cleansing BP is currently profiting off of in West Papua. There is no debate to be held about the responsibility of companies in regards to global warming: their attitude of profit above all else has led us to where we are now.

Neoliberal and corporate approaches to climate change that feed into capitalism will never solve the problem. We refuse to participate in ā€œcivil discussionā€ with anyone affiliated with BP.

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