"Even if the absence of government really did mean anarchy in a negative, disorderly sense - which is far from being the case - even then, no anarchical disorder could be worse than the position to which government has led humanity."

— Leo Tolstoy

Working in a hardware store has really shown me how much we need

We have a whole wall of sockets for socket wrenches, around two dozen imperial and two dozen metric, and the differences between them are so minuscule that people have no choice but to bring the thing in and just keep trying sockets until one fits. And that's not even mentioning the whole aisle of different screws and nails. 90% of this stuff could just not exist, since they serve the exact same purpose as the other 10%

The solution is standardized, open-source . If you're one of the heroes building the new world (aka ) please make it a world that works with OpenStructures


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Godddd stop spreading the propaganda that entry-level retail workers are punished for other people's shoplifting. They aren't! I've worked retail for 4 years at 5 different places (Walgreens, Target - at 2 locations, Sam's, and 2 local places) and have never heard of this happening. Shrinkage is considered part of expenses, entry-level employees aren't expected to stop shoplifting (and are more often explicitly told not to), and this is definitely against company policy at any big chain

I'm sure it does happen under the table or at small businesses, but people talk about it like it's guaranteed every time you nick a drink. It's fucking not, and by saying this every single time someone talks about theft you're doing exactly what the capitalists - including the ones who enact this policy - want. They're holding workers hostage and you're giving in to their demands

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"We must recognize, and loudly
proclaim, that every one, whatever his grade in the old society, whether strong or weak, capable or incapable, has, before everything, THE RIGHT TO LIVE, and that society is bound to share amongst all, without exception, the means of existence at its disposal. We must acknowledge this,
and proclaim it aloud, and act up to it."

-Peter Kropotkin, "The Conquest of Bread"

150 million workers and workers in India are taking part in a two-day general strike, which is probably the biggest general strike in history.

There are so many revolutionary things happening these days that a lot of insanely important stuff isn't even deemed newsworthy. Like, I haven't seen anybody online except for IGD talking about the Indian general strike, the largest general strike in history (soon to be superseded by @EarthStrikeInt ), and that's enormous!!!!

The left is rising like a force of nature, carried by the tides of history. These movements are building and building, and before long the global bourgeoisie won't be able to put out fires as quickly as they're set. This is big, folks

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