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PNW PSA anti-racism you can do at home 

If you want to go out or order in any time during this big scare we're having, aim for Asian restaurants. Their business has taken a huge dip, and they would probably appreciate the support.
#pdx #seattle

💚☀️Morning everyone hope you a great Sunday!☀️💚

I canceled my redirect because I heard there's a chance the instance might survive, but let's say it's on break for now. You can find me at!

meta, DK, sui, +++ 

Just got another email from DissidentKitty and she’s ok!
I won’t disclose anything more, but it sounds like she is safe and not at risk

An #introduction post, again.

I'm Fenris. I have no gender :agender_flag:​ I'm bi :bisexual_flag: an anarchist (blue, green, red) :anarchy:​​ PoC and I live in Europe 🌍​
I have ADHD and anxiety, so I'm kind of shut in and don't work atm :battery_low:​ I know how to code though (java)! But I haven't written in a while.

I have many interests between which I regularly switch:
🎮 video games
:GalaxyBlobThinking:#tarot (a bit of astrology and witchcraft too)
🎨 drawing

I'll also boost posts about #solarpunk 🌻 and social justice issues.

#introductions #gameing #gaming #enby #nonbinary #queer #genderqueer #lgbt #lgbtqia #anarchism

Can anyone please help me mirror the wiki please?

I put it on dat. You just need Beaker Browser:

Just go to this dat address and toggle and click "Seed this sites files".


I have an old account just in case things go down.

I'm also backing up the sunbeam wiki as we speak which I will make available via bitorrent or dat..

Looks like i’m Moving again, instance reccomendations welcome

Jsyk, I have a backup account here:
I'm not sure I'll stay there, but I'll be able to keep y'all updated.


I've deleted one of my toots that had been posted publicly. I wanted a chance to have input from ppl, but it may have contributed to things getting bad.

I'm taking other instance recommandations, so long as they're leftist, queer, disabled and PoC friendly. Bonus points if on the mastodon glitch fork.

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SBC being shut down, I'm looking for a new instance. Any recommendations?


Nothing's been handled well from either sides wtf.

SBC meta 

Ugh, I want more precisions but now really is not the time to involve myself in drama. I really wish I could know what was it that she called playing oppression olympics.

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SBC meta 

On another related note, I wish doxxing fascists didn't put everyone at risk.

RIP Nate Woods 

The state of Alabama conducted a ceremonial lynching of an innocent black dude today. May Nate Woods rest easy.

White supremacist america is disgusting.

Common Voice estas iniciato de Mozilla por helpi instrui al maŝinoj, kiel homoj parolas.

Por krei parolrekonan sistemon, programistoj bezonas tre grandan kvanton da voĉaj datumoj. La datumoj uzataj de kompanioj ne estas uzeblaj de iu ajn. Common Voice helpas krei voĉrekonon malfermita kaj alirebla por ĉiuj.

Diverseco gravas. Helpu akiri egalajn kvantojn de ĉiuj seksoj, akĉentoj kaj aĝoj en la datumbazo por eviti subprezentojn.

#esperanto #mozilla #movado #sentempa

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