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People often ask our youth activists why they decided to fight climate change instead of working on another issue like, ✊🏿. But it’s not an either-or situation. Climate is an intersectional issue, and are on the frontlines.

Anyone who is a victim of a system of oppression, like racism, is automatically more effected by the climate crisis. For example, over 65% of fossil fuel infrastructure is built in majority black & brown communities. This is not a coincidence....

....corporations take advantage of communities that are marginalized, and the disproportionate amount of fossil fuel infrastructure in communities is poisoning them, and causes high rates of asthma and cancer. Climate Justice IS

.... just like gun violence is an attack on black lives, so is the disproportionate poisoning of black communities. Read our platform- for more on the intersectionality of the climate crisis.

Real climate solutions depend on our collective liberation.


So I am trying to put this in a way where I dont come off as an ass:

I am struggling to find any actual mentions of the problems of capitalism on your website. Or do you plan to fight climate change without dealing with our economic system?

If the latter then I feel this is another case of good intentions paving the way to hell.

"Government do this, government do that" - gives me very little hope and has quite literally nothing to do with rebellions.

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