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Nobody's asked me out yet!!
Am I gonna have to find one of you shy cuties and drag you out to a coffee shop so I can listen to you talk about something cute and nerdy while getting lost in your eyes?

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"Hello, I'm Patrick Stewart. Did you know that right now over 70 million people have had to leave their home because of war and disaster?"

You mean imperialism. Or whiteness. The kyriarchy. Colonialism.

Please don't phrase these things as equitable or natural events, they are exploitation led by a few.

introductions, :boost_ok: 

The idea of a Muslim vote bank and demographic takeover: How data debunks this narrative as contemporary mythology.

Parties asking muslims to form a vote bank are about as successful as BJP is in consolidating Hindus, which is to say not very successful.

Are there good mechanisms to donate money anonymously that don't involve cryptocurrency?

For those that do decolonial work...

What does de-colonization in your field look like?

Ranting About the Mandalorian 

In a world where the young adult market is filled with utter horseshit like Divergent, a lefty who's looking for some cheap thrills can do a lot worse than watching angsty teenage Thor fight climate change.

@DissidentKitty I told someone about moving back to Michigan and they asked me why so I showed them Missouri and they agreed it could be worse

They could compromise and just throw the electoral college to the bottom of a lake

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