Learning a new language re-wires your brains and you’ll begin to perceive of time in a unique way


A couple hours ago, I hit the button and launched #MyTransHealth V2. mytranshealth.com/

This site is a long-time labor of love for us. I hope to keep improving it for years to come. All my thanks to everyone who has been part of the project the past 5+ years.

Watch_dogs more like watch_infosec_freshmens'_male_fantasy

@lyliawisteria Taiwan is a lapdog of American Imperialism and agree with anything US does as long as US pretends to care about Taiwan. They will not hesitate to implement whatever laws the orange fool wants. Liberal democracy under US imperialism is indistinguishable from fascism.

@jack Ironically it's the DPP that's ramping up the xenophobia as a platform now that the old wounds are starting to heal. Different party, same tyranny.

@lyliawisteria "The children of Taiwanese merchants chose to be in China with their parents (thus they deserve to die)" is part of the official statement by the government

the venn diagram of white people that believe "the world is overpopulated and we cant feed everyone!" and white people who believe buffalo just suddenly fucking disappeared from the USA due to "over hunting" is a circle.

white colonizers been intentionally killing off and throttling food supply as population control for generations now. millions and millions of buffalo were slaughtered to starve the indigenous tribes that lived on this land. come on, do better.

Some other chicks
The older ones are here: patreon.com/posts/26981786 (public post, creative commons license).

The new ones are here: patreon.com/posts/33306429 (not a public post since they are still a WIP).

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Here are some folks that need a little extra this week:

@emsenn is an indigenous organizer who has helped educate countless folks on here. They recently took on a very large social task that I've been chipping away at for awhile, and they didn't have to. They're also seeking work and support right now:

@Lumb paid for our lunch the other day without a second's hesitation, and she's currently unhoused:

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“And I said, 'Honey, I don’t want to be a hamburger jingler for the rest of my life. I want to be a #dragqueen. I want to be one of the world’s biggest drag queens.'"

"I was no one, nobody from Nowheresville until I became a drag queen. . . . [T]hat’s what made me in the world. . . . When I became a drag queen I started to live my life as a woman."

- #MarshaPJohnson, performance artist, model, and #transgender activist

#BlackHistoryMonth #BlackWomenAtoZ #lgbtq #gay

be the big titty goth gf you want to see in the world

I'm done drawing it. Pikachu has a message for you. And they look pretty proud about the message.

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