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PSA: If you're doing research but don't have access to a university library, you should definitely *not* use a website to pirate a large amount of journal articles. That would be illegal and wrong. I post this link so you can bear witness to this unlawful activity.

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You could totally be a girl if you wanted. No matter who you are or what you've been through, don't let anything stop you from living as your best self!

Here's a thing that's been extremely well understood for a century:

Markets, under capitalism, are entirely a function of a state apparatus and require a very high degree of regulation. Left on their own, they will tend to collapse into monopolies and only intense state intervention can prevent that.

The "wisdom of the markets" is that they shouldn't exist.

Any system calling for "unregulated markets" is calling for an absolutist monarchy by another name.

@dredmorbius @DissidentKitty @tuxom population growth does not work that way you jagoff. Population increases and decreases naturally. All over population fears are white supremacist/imperialist bullshit in origin, capitalist artificial demand and consumption are the problem and are not sustainable long term with any size population.

The past month showed me more Sinophobia than what I saw in the whole other 30 years of my life.

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White People:
...maybe...just hear me out...we should have MORE disease know, to solve the problems capitalism started...

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I feel like if you peel back the first layer of irony, you get a second one where everyone agrees that if the Chinese government said this about their own citizens, we'd all be wailing about how inhumane and undemocratic that POV is. :/

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@DissidentKitty holy fuck, that person actually advocating for a "malthusian economy" 🤮


The coronavirus really brought out all the closeted Sinophobes just like the Ebola outbreak outed the anti-black racists.

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"I'm not endorsing this idea, I'm just rationally stating how this can work while gleefully ignoring the human suffering that would be involved" is the exact "logic" Dawkins used to defend Eugenics, which seems to be a favorite for his fellow Ra(cist Na)tionalist.

@DissidentKitty the people who think this is a silver lining are so stupid because emissions are literally going to go back up the moment quarantines stop being necessary

Environmentalism that celebrates the destruction of human beings is nothing but a greenwashed death cult. By thinking this way you become part of the problem and not the solution.

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If you celebrate human suffering and deaths for the positive environmental effects they have, rethink your environmentalism and maybe rethink your life.

You just might be an ecofascist with genocidal tendencies if:
- You focus on other groups' environmental footprints while ignoring your own
- You think "overpopulation" is the problem and not overconsumption
- You seize on the environmental silver lining in large-scale human suffering and deaths
- Your environmentalism focuses on there being fewer people, who just happen to be the "wrong" kinds of people, instead of systemic changes that pursue both sustainability and human flourishing.

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@DissidentKitty amen – if it was Europe or North America at risk of mass death we wouldn't be hearing this. Why lower population and emissions through not-a-deadly-virus when we can do it through a deadly virus? :thinking_sun:

@DissidentKitty exactly the words I was looking for--I was actually speechless when I saw that response. Tbh I wouldn't count on these heartless pieces of shit not to celebrate even if large swathes of the US were suffering, as long as it doesn't impact their own comforts or the demographics they deem worthy of empathy.

This is just fucking ridiculous. So many people in this thread are like "Oh, interesting!" and "A silver lining!" about China cutting their carbon emission due to the outbreak, completely ignore the fact that there are people out of their jobs or plainly dying in the process!

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