Sharing a close range and habitat with that of their Shorvethurrian cousins, the two species were thought to be the first to encounter each other en masse as their ranges gradually overlapped, and quickly became rivals. Due to their semi-aquatic lifestyle, the Sheramuut are the most carnivorous out of all the Shivaun, with a diet subsisting almost entirely of fish, though they do partake in seasonal fruits and vegetables when available to supplement their diets.

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Shiva Sheramuutensis - Extant. Concept art by @SH0TTEY.
Evolving around 355,000 to 340,000 years ago BSCE, Sheramuutensis split off much earlier compared to the rest of the Shivaun, and are therefore the most visually distinct and derived out of the Four Peoples.
Being the largest of their cousins, standing in at around 249 to 262 cm (8 ft 2 - 8 ft 7), and possessing two different forms, the Sheramuut inhabit and patrol the extensive rivers and lakes of the tropics and subtropics of Aerghenaw with graceful ease.

As their cousins died off, the group that would later give rise to the Shivaun genus turned to omnivory as their boldness and athleticism grew, causing their brain size to grow at an astonishing rate from the additional protein they were now indulging in. This culminated in a fierce, intelligent, powerful, and innovative species of communal hunters, able to fend off and compete with most of Aerghenaw's creatures quite successfully, predator and prey alike, with fist, hoof, or spear. After the calamity that befell them, they became geographically isolated and evolved into the four Shivaun species, the Four Peoples, that inhabit Aerghenaw today. The same descendants that would one day give rise to the civilization that would bestow upon them their namesake.

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Shiva Aerghenensis. Concept art by @SH0TTEY.
Evolving around 600,000 and 500,000 years ago BSCE (Before Shivaun Common Era), Aerghenensis roamed the open savanna grasslands of Aerghenaw's largest continent, before gradually going extinct around 400,00 to 360,000 years ago after a series of large volcanic eruptions and earthquakes disrupted the climate and geography of the lands they inhabited. Aerghens stood around 228 to 243 cm (7 ft 6 - 8 ft) tall and weighed around 177 to 209 kg (390 to 460 lbs) with no great presence of dimorphism between the sexes. The Shivaun as a genus evolved from a semi aquatic quadruped similar in niche to that of Earth's whale ancestors, such as ambulocetus or to that of crocodilians, but gradually transitioned to live exclusively on land, and over the course of millions of years, they grew to lose their tails and became entirely bipedal.

Hey all! I just migrated over from and wanted to introduce myself. I go by Delta and am an anarchist author, healthy eating and workout enthusiast, IWW union member, former Master's historian, political scientist, and a novice paleoanthropologist. I just finished writing my first book back in December and thought that it was time to find a good community to be a part of and share my writing with. I'll be posting some lore and concept art from time to time so I hope you all get some enjoyment out of it. Also, if anyone is interested in reading my book, feel free to ask for a copy, otherwise there's a link in my bio if you want to read more about it! I look forward to meeting and getting to know many of you, thanks for having me!

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