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LGBT rights in Poland, police brutality 

Please fucking boost this as far as possible. Please, PLEASE.

A Polish trans activist named Margot was arrested. Her "crime" is minor destruction of property (she cut up a tarp on a truck covered with vicious anti-LGBT propaganda).

Her pre-emptive arrest for two months was authorized by a court, despite the fact that such arrest, by Polish law, are meant to be used for people who are a flight risk or an immediate danger to others.

But wait, there's more.

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hey, the chicago police dept stole a shitton of bikes from folks trying to keep protesters safe at a black indigenous solidarity rally

for a lot of these folks biking is their primary form of transportation and expensive/difficult to replace, so if you can please venmo @chicagobikefund to help them replace em, anything would help

Panic attacks! Brought to you by fire works!

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This America day.


Find your local rez and ask what supplies they need.

Browse Etsy for indigenous crafters and buy from them. Do this for all jewelry and shit from now on. They make great pieces.

Push for Duolingo to add more indigenous languages to preserve dying languages.

Use your white privilege to raise a fuss that the tribes are still treated like shit and expected to be grateful.

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This Independence Day, remember the native people who have suffered but preserved and survived for all these years despite our government's best efforts:

Donate to the Navajo Nation Covid-19 relief fund (both money and supplies, like homemade cloth masks!):

Support native owned businesses:

Donate to the Black Hills Bail and Legal Defense Fund:

Don't just decry America, help support and bring about its future

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An organizer with Southerners on New Ground is raising money to buy back some of their ancestral land in North Carolina -- time sensitive fundraiser!

"There is a house, a tired and seen many-a-thing house that sits on the land my grandfather planted those freedom seeds on. It was removed from my family's possession 48 years ago, and today - it is for sale.

It is no small thing to be called to a place. It is a larger thing still to let myself hope that there is a possibility of return. As a Black Queer southern organizer, fighting for the freedom of my people is my birthright. I am seeking a reclamation of what it means to be free and am reaching out to you for support in realizing it. "


I don't want to hear, "You don't look native to me" ever again

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Lakota tribe members blocking the way to Mount Rushmore

Organizing, Helping Prisoners 

So I had a thought.

Straight up this covid shit will get bad again and the majority of cases in this state happened to prisoners.

I want to make general care packages to distribute to inmates before the fall/winter flu season (when covid cases are expected to jump back up)...

What would I even do? What would I put in the care packages that won't get confiscated?

Feel free to reply, DM, or give me any suggestions at all please and thank you β™‘

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hey if you're not black and can't get out to protest but wanna help, here's a black covid relief fund that goes directly to black folks who've been affected by covid since they're the ones being disproportionately affected; they can now accept donations via paypay, anything helps!


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these 2 trans biracial folks ik are running low on funds; they're street medics who need to be able to afford groceries, gas, & medical supplies amidst nonstop protesting & the nonstop driving is really draining their gas like nothing else. they do a lot for their community; they've been maced, shot at & almost set on fire but they're still out there trying to help. u can donate here anything helps:

kofi: ko-fi.com/willinthewisp

paypal: paypal.me/warene

venmo: @cabwaylingo

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remember this story? remember how it just fucking HAPPENED??? it wasnt like the routine killings that just dont get reported on, this shit was a widely reported news story and nobody fucking gave a shit, none of these criminals faced any repercutions whatsoever its just "kill browns? yep thats what we do"


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so tired of anarchy's only vibe being punk.

instead of white boys drawing graffiti on brick walls, give me black lesbians harvesting the vertical farm on the side of their collectively governed skyscraper

instead of white boys wearing black and flipping off cops, show me an open air market that doesn't need police because everyone can take what they need

vandalizing walls and flipping off cops are valid forms of resistance, but what we're fighting for is beautiful too

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ok hear me out: what if libraries, but for everything

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the only abortion clinic in kentucky that does surgical abortions and one of the only black-owned clinics in the county was damaged and possibly looted on the 30th; they're still open and seeing patients, but you can donate to help them with repairs here:


Health, Religion and Spirituality 

So the healthcare in my area is kind of shit. The doctor poked my stomach, asked me TWO (2) questions and said I have an ulcer... except I have all the symptoms of Celiac disease and she just said, "You're probably stressed, it's an ulcer" ... the pain isn't even in the right place for it to be an ulcer. πŸ€¦πŸΏβ€β™€οΈ

On top of that I am questioning my faith and wanting to go back to Paganism.

2020 ain't my year guys lol

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Maybe I’ve not been saying it loudly or frequently enough for the last however-many years…

Privacy is not a luxury.

Same with accessibility. Neither are luxuries, they’re life-sustaining rights. And you’re unusually privileged if you’ve not had to care about either.

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instead of cops we should have more rats


What the hell is up with all these boomers saying that Antifa is backed by Zionists?
πŸ€¦πŸΏβ€β™€οΈ It pisses me off.

Hey everybody, if at all possible you should be CPR certified and have some basic first aid training, ESPECIALLY if you are going to protests.

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