I've been to the neurologist and now I get an MRI next week. At least they took me seriously.

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What wellness is marketed as:
-Body lotions
-Fancy juices

What wellness ACTUALLY looks like:
-Health care coverage
-Access to therapy
-Walkable cities
-Green spaces
-Living wages
-Paid time off
-Physical activity
-Close knit communities

Got a cool vase and some fake flowers... I've been on a neutrals kick lately and I'm thinning out a lot of my things to donate. :flow:

{Image ID: A white vase with conjoined faces sits on a hardwood floor against a white wall. Various brown stems and white flowers are in the vase.}

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People who take a lot of pills and feel bad about how you can't recycle the empty blister packs...now you can! (In the UK, at least.)


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Security researcher recommends against #LastPass after detailing 7 #trackers

A security researcher is recommending against LastPass password manager after detailing seven trackers found in the Android app.



LastPass Android: Drittanbieter ΓΌberwachen jeden Schritt


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Remember when we were all supposed to vote for Biden so at least people wouldn’t be kept in cages during a pandemic anymore?

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When you're talking about Linux, it's okay to say that it's "open source".

It's okay to say that it's "free software".

It's okay to call it "GNU/Linux", "Linux", or to mess up its name.

It's okay to refer to it as "the one with the friendly penguin".

Part of RMS' legacy has been an incessant obsession with terminology and pedantry, overshadowing far more important shared objectives which are fundamentally emancipatory in nature.

Pedantry is not activism; it is alienating, not emancipatory.

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ACAB means that policing is rotten to its core and cannot be reformed nor rehabilitated by individuals or by any proposals less than total abolition.

If you're riding the fence on that, it's not unfair to say that you are, at the end of the day, pro-police, pro-elites, pro-safety-for-some-only. Because whatever reform you propose is only going to prop up the continued existence of that rotten white supremacist system.

Southern culture is hiding your mobility aids from your family because you don't want to find out how ableist they are

My iPhone 8 is doing the planned obsolescence thing and I swear I'm about to buy a flip phone and call it a day. The only thing stopping me is needing a GPS

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There is a press conference Friday at noon at the Laurelhurst Park camp in so-called Portland, Or. Would be a good opportunity to come out and show solitary with houseless residents and activists who have been working together to protect this community from sweeps. Show the world that in Portland we stand for the rights of all people. We are still camped here with the community and are not leaving.

Physical therapy went well, and I have made some changes to my diet that I am still struggling with. I was able to re-pot some plants today, alhumdulillah. My van is in the shop getting worked on so I can hopefully live in it for a few months before I move into an actual apartment.

I'm alive, just out here getting diagnosed with fibrositis and cartilage degeneration in my knees. Physical therapy tomorrow, yeehaw

I got my seeds from the Free Seed Project that Rob Greenfield sends out every year! I'm so excited to get planting

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**Lethal pollution high in 2020 despite COVID lockdowns: Report**

"Worldwide COVID lockdowns last year reduced air pollution, but most countries exceeded WHO safety guidelines."


#news #bot

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Amnesty International: "#SriLanka's plan to ban the wearing of the burqa and the niqab only serves to stigmatize and marginalize Muslim women. Authorities must reject it.

[:tw: tweets.newsbots.eu/amnesty/sta β€” #humanrights #news #bot]

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Can you help fund
Beneath Our Feet

A film about the relationship with soil through the eyes of a workers co-operative in North Wales. An organic farm that embraces both permaculture and the β€˜open-source’ technology movement.

#farming #foodsovereignty #food

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Wasting less food is a plus.

"Indian authorities have estimated that close to 60 million tonnes of grains, fruits and vegetables are lost out of total annual production.
In Indonesia, one of Singapore’s main partner countries for food imports, there are also food losses of up to 40 per cent due to inefficiencies in the supply chain"


#Food #Production #Waste #India #Indonesia #Singapore #Asia

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