Technology as expensive as smartphones should have replaceable batteries and be easily repaired by the people who bought the device. When you also consider the environmental impact of producing a smartphone or other electronic device, it should be made to last. Apple/Silicon Valley turned electronics into disposable fashion products.

At one point, computers were considered to be appliances, not fashion products. They were tools to get a job done or entertainment devices like a TV.

I'd consider a lot of new tech fashion products, esp. when they sacrifice utility for aesthetics.
What's the point of removing the headphone jacks or making a computer super thin at the expense of computing power?

Fashion. And the ability to sell what would've been shipped with the initial cost of the device as "accessories."

@Brightlady_Lise @trwnh I mostly agree with your points, but I do consider it an advantage that I have a (fully-featured) computer (that btw doesn't seem to have to little power) that only weighs one kilogram and I can take it on the train every day to work there without ruining my physical health.

@Brightlady_Lise Some companies have tried/are trying...but apple is a BIG player against it (repeated violations of right to repair and sketchy practices trying to make repair illegal). I know my lenovo laptop is basically entirely upgradable easily by the end user, and moto worked with ifixit to make their new phone repairable. Clearly people want this stuff, companies just wanna make us consume more. >.<

@crypto It's why I switched to a Dell laptop and refused to upgrade my now 3 year old Iphone. The laptop has a case designed for the average person to get into and swap components in and out of. The phone still works and the camera is decently high-def for its purposes.

@Brightlady_Lise When I had to upgrade my phone I left apple. I had an iphone 3 for approx 8 years, jailbroken. Only reason it worked that long. Even the surface line is more repairable than anything apple makes. I want repairable modular, up-gradable tech. Anything else like ya said is just fashion.

@Brightlady_Lise Phones and computers used to last years. On course, they were outdated, but they were working.

@Brightlady_Lise I'm using a phone that was manufactured circa 2013 and has a removable battery. Turning phones into disposable trash isn't inevitable and is mostly a software problem. If companies released graphics and WiFi drivers then being on a mainline kernel would become vastly easier.


New: From The generation that brought you technotrash dystopia: global ecosystem collapse!!!

@Brightlady_Lise Fashion is so wrong, and a good reason to reject advertising.

What are the odds that an ad, made solely to benefit a company, is going to coincidentally benefit you, the consumer? At worst you'll be swindled. Most of the time you'll ignore the ad.

The number of ads that have benefited me in the last 10 years probably fit on one hand.

@Brightlady_Lise I hope phones like the PinePhone, Librem 5, Necuno, and FairPhone become more popular. With the ability to run GNU/Linux or free software versions of Android, those phones can be used until the hardware physically breaks.
I hate that we are forced to run outdated, insecure, proprietary software unless we buy a new phone every 18 months.
I also miss payphones. If there were more of them, we wouldn't have the societal pressure to carry tracking/listening devices everywhere we go.

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