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Sewing Rebellion; a handful of anticapitalist groups providing sewing lessons and support. Looking to expand

@BeaTheSolarPunk *you* can't do anything, and you shouldn't have to. personally ecology partly motivates my veganism, but individualism won't solve this, abolition of capital will

@BeaTheSolarPunk Go supervillain and command vast swarms of bees to take down corporations

Giant BBC News brain: We have one person who thinks global warming is a hoax, so we have to present both sides as equally valid.

To be fair, the climate change debate among scientists is pretty much split right down the middle, 100% of them supporting the idea to 0%.

My sharp, icy teeth protect what's inside:
Warm, inviting, and always down to ride.
dedicated to Dylan. Thank you.

What can I do to stop climate change? Go vegan? Murder oil CEOs? Burn politicians at the stake? Whatever it is I'm up for it

You, a fool: he's a Neoliberal
Me, a wise man: all liberalism is bad

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We've had over two inches of rain in Seattle in the last two weeks and nearly everything that's ever seeded in the raised bed appears to be sprouting.

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