@BeaTheSolarPunk We already have this, it's called whatever the shitty moderate labour movement federation in your particular geospatial zone is called.

@BeaTheSolarPunk i would like to be this person and date this person please and thank you

me, at 4 am listening to commie anthems and union songs: my RED blood BURNS with the FIRES of the REVOLUTION

me, the following morning: hahah dorky songs

said it before and ill say it again, das kapital is anime

@BeaTheSolarPunk its a pic of a guy dancing with a couple of cats (who are also dancing), wonder if it's cause it's an old post?

I'm back on witches.live, follow me there for your regularly scheduled shitposting

@Slipperywerm @BeaTheSolarPunk I would like to speak to whoever is in charge of this idea

Idea: a union but for people who want to speak to the manager

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