@tifawt you have peered into my soul and laid bare everything I held dear

@polyguo Also, what do you have to say about mangroves? I have been interested in them academically for years but only recently have been able to actually experience them directly as an ecosystem, I'm in Costa Rica right now surrounded by then

@polyguo sounds like you're making the most with limited resources though, so good on you! I'm pretty transient these days so I don't even have that, but I look forward to the day I have even a window box. I have been thinking of trying to carry around a little jar ecosystem as some kinda talisman. Any tips on starting one?

Fedi generation poll, boost for maximimun demographic analysis

I am constantly resisting the urge to pronounce "Duolingo" as "Duolinguo"

@June I feel like a THC pun where the "T" stands for "Trans" might be fertile ground to explore

@byttyrs no problem, I was just curious where you got the info. Thanks a bunch!

Part of why we say "solidarity not charity" is because the way charity is typically presented gives moral superiority to the givers - and often, moral inferiority to the receivers (or sometimes "takers," if they decide to be particularly transparent about it)

Truisms like "it is better to give than to receive" implicitly contain "it is wrong to receive help." It's wrong to ask for the support you need, to want it, even to accept it when offered. Panhandling, for instance, is often portrayed not just as shameful, but immoral - even greedy

Solidarity, and especially mutual aid, are meant to reject that dichotomy. Everyone at Food Not Bombs eats together, volunteers and otherwise, and talks to each other. Our Free Store puts "it's free because it's yours" all over its reading material - it's not a gift, not a blessing, not charity. And that makes *such* a big difference

@byttyrs this is extremely interesting. Do you have sources for further reading?

Just realized that I don't think there's a hashtag for sharing books and other reading materials. Following on the theme of for pictures of public agitprop and for radical music, I figured might be a good one to go with.

@Torie Philly is a solid city, I think, I always like visiting it

See. Where is the blackface levels of outrage? Wheres the cancel culture on this?

@Torie "national boyfriend day" the fuck, I never heard of that, what a dumb idea

@ash there's definitely a prejudice against pure research these days, people feel the need to justify it. When talking about research I did in the past people would ask me questions that carried the assumption that the work was applied without asking if it was or not

A lot of papers could be improved if the authors just acknowledged that their work has no clear applications and that they only did the experiments out of pure curiosity.

@puffinus_puffinus my impression of it has been that it is a rallying point for people doing a lot of good work on the ground, while the leadership is questionable at best (also my opinion of 350) so I try not to shit on it too much either, but this "challenge" deserves ridicule

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