Disco Elysium looks pretty cool, but I really have no interest in playing as an alcoholic white guy. Again.

This is not to say DE is a bad game. I'm sure it's nice in its way.

But we are constantly bombarded with expressions of white anxiety about the future. The Walking Dead, The Hunger Games, Rick and Morty, Westworld, etc. There's just a certain fatalism about the world that all these shows carry that are coming from a specific context.

They all have their place, but I'm just tired of being served the same social context over and over and over again in media.

The world is a big place.

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@Are0h This reminds me of something I was posting about a while back, possibly before I got onto Mastodon: This sense of apocalypse and finality, this sense of the world being finite and coming to an end, is based in White Fragility, a Christian vision, in a Western European-North American sense of "progress" where things only get better. The fact is, for most of us, Jews, Black people, indigenous peoples of the Americas, the world has ended constantly and consistently. You just deal with it.

@Are0h Only certain people, mostly White, mostly Christian, often men, have the arrogance to assume that something epochal is going to happen, or rather, that people don't survive the ends of epochs all the time, that an epoch doesn't end almost every day.

@MoMartin Hard agree. It just gets to be monotonous when we're being fed these narratives of mass devastation that our cultures have been experiencing for a long time now. And we are able to retain our hopefulness about the world in addition to managing the depth of our loss.

A lot of apocalyptic narratives, I feel, cheapen this experience to make it 'relatable', but in the end it does the opposite because the cultural context is consistent.

And we've seen it a million times before.

@Are0h Exactly. It's tired, and it's played out. It's also a cheap stakes raiser "everything will come to an end" Well, like, have you made me care enough to NOT want that to happen?

@MoMartin Boom. Which is exactly why I was rooting for the White Walkers in Game of Thrones, hahahahahah

From my perspective, everyone was trash and that shit needed to end.

@Are0h I also don't get it, because, like, personally, as a writer, it's more exciting and interesting and CHALLENGING to tell a rich, complicated story in a rich complicated world, than it is to tell some grinding tale of survival, (white) man against cruel nature (brown people)

@Are0h Also if you WANT to tell a story of someone surviving extreme conditions, why go all Jack London "To Light A Fire" grim and not do something interesting, like watching someone indigenous to those conditions going through their daily life, or their ritual life?


@MoMartin @Are0h (repost because I tried to edit something I said then accidentally deleted it) There is a good episode from the For the Wild podcast interviewing two members of the Queer Nature project and one thing they discuss is the the idea of white "survivor" stories and how they are about doing violence to a foreign place (maybe a place the survivor has been dumped randomly) and how this is contrary to the experiences of indigenous people who "survive" (an inadequate word, really) by knowing and inhabiting a place. I recommend it, not that it would be new info for either of you, but there is other good stuff in there

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