Yes the letter from Birmingham Jail is good, and so is the I Have a Dream speech, but something tragically overlooked is the Poor People's Campaign. Its no surprise that whenever the language began to shift from that of racial divides, to that of class and economic divides that so many black and indigenous activists wind up being killed almost immediately afterwards. The same thing happened to Fred Hampton with his idea for a rainbow coalition and building unity across racial divides

new dialup express instance blocks 

What if I started playing MTG again. Would that be a good idea

'BlokeChain' is that group of dudes at your work who can't shut up about their cryptocurrency investments.

> luddism? like, luddites? like people who think technology is bad?
< luddites never argued technology is bad.
> but the propaganda--
< is propaganda. the problem was never the machines. the problem was -- and is -- the boss who uses machines to disenfranchise people.
> ...
> oh.

this is the hill you chose to be ritually sacrificed on?

MLK Day Savings! 20% off all White Flights✈️ from Mastodon to Twitter 😌 Enjoy the scenic hell site and bask in the glow of never having to examine your whiteness critically. If a brown getting uppity at you for NO REASON AT ALL 😉 Just report them and relax🍹 , knowing that Jack "Nazis Are Good For Business" Dorsey will whisk them away for you. Ahhh, now this is civility 🏝️

just went and picked up Jess at her holiday home


doggy's back! doggodoggo doggodoggo dooooog!!!

instance that limits the amount of time you can be logged on each day

Reminder about ableist slurs 

Yes I am on the Hudson line of the metro north, why do you ask

This is Palopel Island, some dump idiot built a fake castle on it which got blown up when he was storing munitions in it back in the day. Ths name is Double Dutch means "drinking ladle", a reference to the fact that it is generally here where the surface water of the river becomes fresh enough to drink. It is just north of the Storm Gate and I have heard it said the the goblin's influence extends to the island, rather than the Storm Gate. The island is forbidden to walk upon traditionally (thought these days there are regular tours of the ruin castle) and supposedly a local family has been charged for generations with performing certain rituals to prevent a destructive presence on the island from waking up.

This is Storm King, when you pass it you are going through the "Storm Gate", the northern entrance to the Highlands, and you must honor the goblin.

West Point will make a really majestic ruin someday, hopefully sooner rather than later

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