*spots the Arch Linux logo on the TL*

oh hiiii im a big Trekkie 2 what series r u watching rn??

I love 李子柒 Liziqi's cooking and home life videos -- when I look for related ones I get pretty much only chinese ones probably because language is easier to generalize from than .... "theme"?

does anyone have recs of similar videos in tone and theme (quiet, show-not-tell, "how to") but set in other places in the world? I want to see everyone's foods and plants.

Coming out as one of those assholes who flexes on people that he always knows which way is north

the amount of rage I have for Firefox shoving articles from garbage sites at people with that Pocket thing could be categorized as "a lot"

I keep meaning to use mastodon more often so this is as good a reason as any to type up my . I'm a 24 year old black lesbian artist who's here to make pals and grow.

What partners? I said "pole armoury"... *points at room filled with spears, halberds and glaives*

is it gay to weep? You pretty much just shedding (tears) as an expression of emotion. 🤔😳

the thing about dick puns is there’s a vas deferens between good and bad ones


doctor just prescribed me the #ThinkPad for those days when im thinking so hard my brain falls out of my vag

simultaneous wariness of generational conflict as misdirected class anxiety and total apathy for everyone offended by “ok boomer”

The onions I didn't use are growing leaves again. Anyone know if they will still be good to eat after doing this? What's the deal? They're in the ground btw

Germans and their weird fucking names. I can't spell Nietzsche without looking it up every single time

Nietzsche and his weird fucking name, I can't spell it without looking it up every damn time

sometimes people have bad opinions bc they don't know better. either educate them or don't, but fucking get over it

40 years ago a small band of cab drivers, dispatchers, and mechanics set out to prove that the workers could run a taxicab company better than the bosses with a focus on living wages, a human and safe workplace, and a democratic environment. I spent almost 26 years there. Congratulations to all of the members of Union Cab past and present!

workersparadise.org/2019/10/29 #workercoops

I haven't measured my height in forever but I just assume I'm 5'11" and anyone who tells me otherwise is illegal

it's never too early for christmas when u have a dry ass scalp

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