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Hello sunbeam city and further Fediverse.
I'm a french trans guy, 30 yo, very gay and very into retrogaming

I am a visual artist and an electro music composer (see my art account here : @Artmejisuto7 )

I love solarpunk and that's why I'm here. I'm also looking for new friends from anywhere so don't be afraid to come to me ^_^

bottoms can post about riding monster Ganon dick all day long but if I post about how I want Patriarch Darunia's thotty bear ass to shake apart around my fingers it's 'creepy' and 'oversharing', and this is topphobia

If you’re gay online you’re gay in real life

I had a nightmare tonight. The day begins very well 😭

I feel a little sad. I'm going to sleep. Good night everyone :_gayheart2:

there are not female gorons! there's really somebody out there trying to heterosexualize this by suggesting that the Gerudo are Goron females even though like. how does that work given, y'know, Ganon? anyway gorons are a race of gay men

cis people: how can a 14 year old possibly know what gender they want to be

cis people: i am certain the gender of my 20 week fetus and i will make an elaborate spectacle about it

Lewd/ tmi 


L'un-e d'entre vous a des informations sur une fuite de données de carte bancaire récente ou comment avoir ces informations? Une personne de ma famille a été arnaquée et on pense que c'est à la suite d'achats en ligne, mais je pense qu'elle a fait attention à la légitimité du site.

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