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Get ready for stream of conscious political thoughts.

The main thing though is that: in the US, major changes will likely only come through long strike waves. And to have long-lasting strikes you need to provide for people.

To get to a point where a significant plurality of people can strike, we have to have a lot more groundwork and community building.

You need to be able to provide for large numbers of people essentially quitting work. That's a lot of mouths to feed and people to house.

Unions help with this too, but again we need that sustainable and well-developed community work.

Protests are good, but what comes after to make sure XYZ can't happen again is a necessity.

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@Adriana I keep thinking about how a truly bottom-up approach to radical politics should try to fill peoples needs from the bottom-up. First we feed and house people, then all else follows.

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As much as people begrudge Mao, he knew that, if you provide for people, they will come to you. That's how the Black Panthers did it.

Feed the people, shelter them, then you're worth talking to to them. You're a pillar of the community and not an outsider as we are perceived.

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@Adriana The Landless Workers Movement in Brasil, Abahlali baseMjondolo in South Africa, Sarvodaya Shramadan in Sri Lanka, Food Not Bombs and squatters movements all over the world understand this too.

Cooperation Jackson and the Black Socialists of America call this the construction of a "social and solidarity economy"

Sarvodaya did a survey on basic needs and villagers sorted them into this list (from most important to least important):

1. Clean environment
2. Water
3. Clothing
4. Nutritious food
5. Shelter
6. Health care
7. Communication
8. Energy
9. Education
10. Entertainment

The movement tackles social issues by meeting these needs in this order.

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@Adriana Hell, one of the key programs introduced in the anarchist free territory in Ukraine were school breakfast clubs, and this was years before the CCP had even been founded.

"If you build it they will come" is a tried and true philosophy, clearly.

political rant 

It’s impossible to get rid of capitalism when the production of the things we need in order to live is done through capitalist means.

Buying food to eat, water to drink, or medicine to heal fuels capitalism. It’s a kind of monopoly on the ways you can produce things.

Think about what some of the earliest cooperatives in modern history were. They’re either housing units or grocery stores.

We have to provide these basic needs for ourselves on our own.

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