Hi. By way of , I would love to connect with fellow printmakers, artists, writers, gardeners, Welsh speakers/learners, LGBTQIA+ and those with irreverent senses of humour. I have passed on my world-saving batton to those who are younger, less disillusioned than me, and have decided my job is to cheer you on from the side lines and hand out segments of oranges when it all gets a bit much. I’m a great mentor, encourager and validator. Probably because I’m desperate for someone to do that for me. Feels don’t scare me, but people who don’t give a shit do. Most worrying thing about my life at the moment is I’m spending it stoned out of my head on carabamazapine (coz Trigeminal Neuralgia) and that I have not worked out where to over-winter my scented geraniums (pelargoniums) that grew like stink this summer. Pic is a monoprint I did of Talley Abbey last year, nr Llandeilo, West Wales - where I live. (A dw i dysgu Cymraeg. Hapus i amarfer gyda ti)

@QueenMollyBones Hello *waves* Still learning the Mastodon ropes so sorry for delay

@1ngi hi, I'm also a writer, specifically of Role-playing games, and of Welsh descent although I can only speak maybe a word or two. I'm kind of in need of a Welsh consultant - you have time to talk about the Red Dragon and the White Dragon?

@WanderingBeekeeper Hi there :) Well I can try. Out of interest where about in Wales was your family from?

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